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Abortion Clinic Johannesburg

Abortion Clinic Johannesburg is a Registered and affordable women’s clinic located in the heart Johannesburg cbd corner of Joubert and Fox Street just opposite ghandi square. 


The clinic offers counselling

Pregnancy checkups

Family planning

And Abortion.


Abortion is legal in South-Africa as long as you you fall under the recommended stage and the clinic to assist you must also be legal and registered like Abortion Clinic Joburg.


Contacting Abortion Clinic Joburg.


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Booking Appointments for Abortion at Abortion Clinic Johannesburg

When you call, dr john will answer the phone. Should he be occupied, the nurse will assist you with whatever query you have.

You have an opportunity to come  any day your are free for the abortion procedure.


On your appointment day counselling  will be provided. A pregnancy test or sonar will be performed to confirm the pregnancy and a questionnaire will as well be filled up since we need to know abit about your previous health condition. 


We shall then procedure and explain in detail how the abortion procedure works, side effects, and how to care for yourself after the whole abortion.



Types of Abortion offered at Abortion Clinic Johannesburg 


Abortion Clinic Johannesburg Reception

Abortion Clinic Johannesburg Reception


Abortion Clinic Johannesburg offers two types of abortion procedures which are safe and approved by the department of health.

pregnancy can be aborted by using pills or by having a minor surgery performed. The type of abortion you qualify for will depends on how many weeks the pregnancy is. There are two types of abortion procedures. 


Medical Abortion 


With a medical abortion we use two types of pills to terminate the pregnancy. This abortion method is safe and recommended as long as the pregnancy is still in its first months.


The first abortion pill will be swallowed orally and it is meant to stop the hormone called progesterone. Progesterone is the hormone that supports a pregnancy. so when the first pill stops this hormone, the pregnancy will not survive.

Hence the uterine lining begins to shed softening the cervix. f


During this time frame you should expect:-

Cramping like period pains





During this period you need to have some pain tablets to ease the pain meaning you need to wait till the heavy bleeding follows leading to a miscarriage or termination of pregnancy.


After the heavy bleeding has occurred and the pregnancy has passed out, you will need a womb cleaning.


Surgical Abortion Procedure


1 – Aspiration and Dilation is a type of surgical abortion performed from 6 – 16 weeks. with this procedure  an injection for pain and possibly sedation will be used. while lying on your a speculum is inserted to open the vagina.

local anesthetic will be inserted into your cervix to numb it. a surgical instrument with handles is used to hold the cervix in place in order to be be dilated by absorbent rods. a suxction device will then be inserted into the uterus to suction out the fetus and placenta



Dilation & Evacuation (D&E)



Why Choose Abortion Clinic Johannesburg 


Abortion Clinic Johannesburg is a recognised legal abortion center.


The clinic has a qualified doctor and registered nurse who have enough experience in the field of abortions.


The clinic uses only medically approved abortion tablets to terminate the pregnancy and after the abortion procedure, pain tablets and antibiotics are provided to all patients.


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